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Ball information

11th May 2024

6:30pm | 1:00am




Sloth Bear Conservation Ball

Please join us for an elegant evening at our conservation ball, where guests are invited to dress in black tie attire and evening gowns.

This event aims to raise crucial funds for the
Sloth Bear Conservation Project.

Your participation will make a significant difference in our efforts to protect and preserve these magnificent bears.


Arrival drink and Chef’s collection of canopés


4 Course meal


Speaker and Live music till late

Contact us today to book your tickets

01487 824658 - option 3

(varies table sizes available)


Sloth bear picture 1_edited.jpg

Sloth Bear Conservation Ball

Will you be a sponsor?

11th May 2024

About the Sloth bear conservation project

The conservation status of the sloth bear is marked as "vulnerable" by the IUCN, indicating a concerning trend of increasing fatalities among Indian Sloth Bears in their natural habitat. This alarming situation primarily stems from habitat degradation, accounting for 36% of the issue.

However, another significant factor is the lack of awareness regarding coexisting with sloth bears. Regrettably, sloth bear attacks surpass those of any other bear species worldwide.

Furthermore, a distressing number of
bears fall victim to retaliatory killings by villagers following an attack, sometimes even without provocation.

Project Ojectives

The main focus of the project is providing education, training of forest staff and drawing attention towards sloth bear behaviour.

With this project we will be able to promote the coexistence of humans and sloth bears in the same area.

How you can help

Will you be a sponsor?

We're asking business to sponsor our Sloth Bear Conservation ball as we raise money for the Sloth Bear Conservation Project.

Sponsor price £100

Along with helping us raise money you will receive;

1. Logo and business name on the sponsor board at our ball.

2. Business and Logo including link to your website on our sloth bear conserv
ation page.
[Website exposure at 25,000 views per month.] 

3. Name, logo and link included on our social media post thanking business' for their sponsorship. 
[current impressions at 27,000] 

01487 824658 - option 3

Project Objective
How you can help
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