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What makes our spirits range unique?

Our spirits are the only gins and vodkas which have had a crocodile swim in every bottle! Some of the spirits are also infused with our own banana leaf’s, found in our Tropical House. 

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Why did we enter the world of spirits?

We always like to do things a little differently here at Johnsons...

We love the idea that we are drinking the same water today as dinosaurs did millions of years ago, as it is the same water on Earth today as it was back then! As we have our own dinosaurs here, we decided to distil the water they drink and swim in, so we (and you) could drink it too!

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Which different spirit options are available?

We are currently producing the following:

- Crocodile Dry Gin

- Croc Bite Gin

- Banana Leaf Vodka

These are all available in both 700ml and 200 ml bottles


Where can I purchase the spirits?

All of our spirits are available to purchase in our Farm Shop. Our 700ml bottles are £39.95 and the 200ml bottles are £14.95. They make a fantastic gift, a novelty offering at a party or just a a great option to have when you fancy a tipple at home. We are working on an online shop for our spirits so stay tuned!

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