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Sloth Bear

Melursus ursinus

Fact File

Male size

length 1.7-1.85m | Height 0.76-0.91m

Female size

length 1.5-1.6m | Height 0.61-0.7m


Average 54-145kg

Litter size

one to two cubs

life span

Average 20 years in the wild

Sloth bears (Melursus ursinus) are unique and fascinating creatures native to the Indian subcontinent.

With their shaggy coats and distinctively shaped snouts, sloth bears are well-adapted to their forest habitats, where they primarily feed on insects such as termites and ants.


Using their long, curved claws and specialized lips, sloth bears excavate insect nests from tree trunks and termite mounds, often with remarkable precision.


Unlike other bear species, sloth bears are primarily nocturnal, spending much of their time foraging under the cover of darkness. They are solitary animals, except during the breeding season or when mothers are raising cubs.


Sloth bears are known for their unique vocalizations, including grunts, huffs, and roars, which they use for communication and territorial displays.


While sloth bears are not typically aggressive toward humans, conflicts can arise in areas where their habitat overlaps with human settlements. Conservation efforts focus on habitat protection and mitigating human-bear conflicts to ensure the survival of these fascinating and elusive bears.

Did you know?!

Cubs are born blind and only open their eyes after 4 weeks.

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