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Sika Deer

Cervus nippon

Red deer hoof.png
Sika deer frame.png

Fact File

Average size

60-95cm tall



Litter size

Single fawn at a time

life span

10-15 years

Sika deer are elegant members of the deer family, known for their striking appearance and vocalizations. These medium-sized deer have a wide range of habitats, including forests, grasslands, and marshes, where they graze on a variety of vegetation.


Sika deer exhibit sexual dimorphism, with males (stags) possessing antlers that are shed and regrown annually, while females (hinds) lack antlers. They live in social groups, with females and their offspring forming herds and stags often being solitary or forming bachelor groups outside the breeding season.

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Did you know?!

The term 'sika' originates from the Japanese word for deer.

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