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Sloth Bears are vulnerable!

Indian Sloth Bears are currently rated as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. So, what does that mean? Currently, Indian Sloth Bears are declining in the wild, and if this trend continues, they will be at risk of extinction.

Sloth Bear at Johnsons
Sloth Bear at Johnsons

But hope is not lost! We support a conservation project dedicated to researching and teaching about sloth bears. Habitat degradation does play a part in the problem, but a significant issue is human conflict. People are often attacked by Sloth Bears when they enter their territory without understanding the risks. This often leads to a bear hunt by villagers to catch and kill the bear responsible. In order to promote harmony between humans and bears, the sloth bear conservation project is educating villages about bear habitats and when it is and isn’t safe to enter the forest where the bears live. Under the guidance of the conservation project, bear education has already made a significant difference, and the hope is that if this continues, bear populations will not only stabilize but also increase.

Currently, due to the vulnerability of sloth bears in the wild, breeding programs are being implemented around the world.

Sloth bear sitting on grass

Though we currently house two male bears at Johnsons, we feel very fortunate to be entrusted with these bears, ensuring they are happy and healthy.

If you want to help the sloth bear conservation project, be sure to visit our sloth bear conservation page, or you can contact our zoo team to find out more details.

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