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Introducing Our New Animal Information Signs!

After much anticipation, we're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to Johnsons Zoo – our brand-new animal information signs! While you've witnessed the arrival of new animals and seen the evolution of Johnsons, we've been diligently working behind the scenes on designing new logos, updating our website, and creating these informative signs. Though it may have seemed like a long time coming, perfecting the style was crucial to ensuring your experience at Johnsons Zoo is nothing short of exceptional.

The Importance of Zoo Signs:

Studies have shown that a single visit to a zoo can significantly enhance biodiversity knowledge and raise awareness about conservation efforts. As both a farm and a zoo, our passion for animals and their conservation runs deep. With numerous species facing threats such as habitat loss, illegal hunting, and lack of awareness, our signs play a vital role in educating our visitors. By providing clear, memorable information, we aim to inspire compassion towards animal conservation and support for initiatives aimed at protecting these vulnerable species.

What You'll Find on Our Signs:

Each animal information sign features the animal's name, its Latin name, key facts including size, weight, and lifespan, as well as its native habitat. Additionally, you'll discover intriguing tidbits about the animal, ensuring a memorable and educational experience for our visitors.

Future Education Initiatives at Johnsons Zoo:

While some animal enclosures may not yet have signs installed due to the extensive process of gathering information and designing each one, rest assured, we're committed to completing this task promptly. With over 300 animals and 70 species, it's a labor of love to ensure each sign is informative and visually appealing. Furthermore, we're exploring opportunities to expand our educational offerings, including school visits and immersive experiences.

Beyond animal education, we're passionate about sharing the rich heritage of British farming, a tradition deeply ingrained in the Johnsons family for over four generations. Through our farm shop, butchers, steakhouse, and tea room, we aim to educate visitors on the importance of farm animal welfare and its broader implications for both humans and the planet.

Share Your Thoughts:

At Johnsons Zoo, we strive to provide access to animals for families of all kinds and take pride in every aspect of our site. We value feedback from our visitors and would love to hear your thoughts on our new animal information signs. Have you had the chance to see them during your recent visit? Share your impressions and experiences with us in the comments below!

We look forward to welcoming you to Johnsons Zoo for an enriching and memorable experience!

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