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Would you dare feed a crocodile?

Today marked the beginning of our 2024 animal experiences, and what a better way to kick things off than with our magnificent saltwater crocodiles?

Despite their reputation as fearsome predators, our crocs seemed a bit hesitant at first, perhaps sensing the anticipation in the air from our participants. But once the feeding commenced, they swiftly glided through the water, eagerly claiming their share of the meal.

Observing these powerful reptiles in action, one can't help but marvel at their stealth and precision. Their stillness before striking serves as a potent reminder of their prowess in the wild, where they can remain undetected until it's too late. Our zookeepers use subtle vibrations to catch their attention during feedings, offering a glimpse into their remarkable sensory abilities.

Moving on to the American Alligators, it was evident that their appetite was equally voracious. With lighting-fast reflexes, they seized their prey with jaw-dropping speed, showcasing their formidable hunting skills. However, it's crucial to remain vigilant around these creatures, as their surprising agility can catch even seasoned keepers off guard.

Overall, the day was a resounding success, with positive feedback from our visitors. As we embark on another year of unforgettable animal experiences, we encourage you to book you own adventure at Johnsons. Visit our website's animal experiences page for all the details, but hurry - spots are filling up fast!

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