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A small introduction to Johnsons of Old Hurst and Johnsons Zoo

Updated: Feb 9

Johnsons Farm has been in the Johnsons Family for over four generations with it transforming and growing from a family run diary farm to now a full blown Zoo, Farm Shop, Butchers, Tea room and Steakhouse!

Over the last five years, the zoo has gone from a small Croc House to now having over 100 animals, and it's still expanding. We housed the lions in the summer of 2023 and this summer we are looking forward to welcoming another group of meerkats, otters and also bob cats, with other exciting animals hopefully joining us in the future.

This spring and summer, keep up to date with our new blog posts, and via our social media, where we'll keep you informed of all the amazing changes happening this year! And don't forget to visit us in person soon!

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