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Eurasian Eagle owl footprint.png

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Bubo bubo

Eurasian Eagle owl footprint.png
Eurasian Eagle Owl Frame.png

Fact File


155 - 180 cm


1.4 - 4 kg

Clutch size

1 - 4 eggs

life span

20 years in the wild

The Eurasian eagle owl, one of the largest owl species, is known for its imposing appearance with tufted ear-like feathers.


A formidable nocturnal predator, it can capture prey as large as deer fawns using powerful talons. With an impressive wingspan and silent flight, this owl's haunting hoot echoes across diverse habitats, from dense forests to open landscapes.

Eurasian Eagle Owl Origin.png
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Did you know?!

The Eurasian eagle owl boasts the largest ear tufts among owl species, which, resembling "horns," function as camouflage and communication signals.

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