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Blue eared pheasant footprint.png

Blue Eared Pheasant

Crossoptilion auritum

Blue eared pheasant footprint.png
Blue eared pheasant frame.png

Fact File


70 -80 cm


1.2 - 1.5 kg

Clutch size

6 - 12 eggs

life span

5 - 8 years

The blue eared pheasant is a striking bird known for its colourful plumage and distinctive ear tufts. These medium-sized pheasants inhabit forested areas and mountainous regions, where they forage for seeds, berries, and insects.


Blue eared pheasants are social birds, often found in small groups or pairs, and communicate through a variety of vocalizations. They are agile flyers and skilled runners, capable of navigating dense vegetation with ease.

Blue eared pheasant origin.png
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Did you know?!

Blue eared pheasants play an important role in forest ecosystems by dispersing seeds and controlling insect populations

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