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Black swan white footprint.png

Black Swan

Cygnus atratus

Black swan white footprint.png
Black Swan frame.jpg

Fact File


160 - 200 cm


4 - 9 kg

Clutch size

4 - 8 eggs

life span

10 - 15 years

The black swan is a striking bird known for its entirely black plumage, contrasting red bill, and graceful appearance. These swans are often found in freshwater lakes, rivers, and wetlands, where they feed on aquatic vegetation and invertebrates.


Black swans are highly social animals, forming large flocks during moulting season and displaying strong pair bonds during breeding. Their nests are typically large mounds of vegetation, and both parents participate in raising the cygnets

Black Swan origin.png
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Did you know?!

Black swans have a unique courtship display that involves synchronized swimming and elaborate feather displays?

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