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Parma Wallaby Paw.png

Parma Wallaby

Macropus parma

Parma Wallaby Paw.png
Parma Wallaby frame.png

Fact File

Average size

40-50cm in length



Litter size

Single joey at a time

life span

6-8 years

The Parma wallaby is a small and elusive marsupial and is characterized by its grey-brown fur, rounded ears, and relatively short tail. Parma wallabies are herbivorous, feeding on a variety of grasses, leaves, and other vegetation.


They are primarily nocturnal, spending much of their time foraging during the night and resting during the day. Parma wallabies are also known for their solitary nature, usually only coming together to mate.

Parma Wallaby origin.png
Parma Wallaby conservation status.png

Did you know?!

The Parma wallaby was once thought to be extinct until rediscovered in 1965 in New South Wales, Australia

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