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Highland Cow Footprint.png

Highland Cow

Bos taurus taurus

Highland Cow Footprint.png
Kevin S. (life through my lens)

Fact File

Average size

1.1-1.3 metres tall


Between 500-800kg

Litter size

Single calf at a time

life span

15-20 years

The Highland cow is known for its iconic long, shaggy coat and sweeping horns. This breed, though often associated with the landscapes of Scotland, has gained popularity globally for its resilience and adaptability.


Their thick, double-layered coat provides excellent insulation against harsh weather conditions, allowing them to thrive in diverse environments. Highland cows are cherished for their calm and docile temperament, making them ideal for conservation grazing projects and sustainable farming practices.

Highland Cow origin.png
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Did you know?!

Highland cows have been nicknamed "coos" in Scotland due to their distinct appearance and vocalizations.

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