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Blue-fronted Amazon footprint.png

Blue-fronted Amazon

Amazona aestiva

Blue-fronted Amazon footprint.png
Blue-fronted Amazon frame.png

Fact File


50 - 63 cm


400 - 600 grams

Clutch size

2 - 4 eggs

life span

40 - 50 years

The Blue-fronted Amazon is a striking parrot species known for its vibrant plumage and sociable nature. These medium-sized parrots are popular in aviculture due to their charming personalities and impressive vocal abilities.


Blue-fronted Amazons are highly intelligent birds, capable of learning a wide range of vocalizations and performing tricks. They are often found in pairs or small flocks, communicating through various calls and vocalizations.

Blue-fronted Amazon origin.png
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Did you know?!

Blue-fronted Amazons are cavity nesters, using hollow tree trunks or branches as nesting sites to raise their young

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