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  • Introducing Our New Animal Information Signs!

    After much anticipation, we're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to Johnsons Zoo – our brand-new animal information signs! While you've witnessed the arrival of new animals and seen the evolution of Johnsons, we've been diligently working behind the scenes on designing new logos, updating our website, and creating these informative signs. Though it may have seemed like a long time coming, perfecting the style was crucial to ensuring your experience at Johnsons Zoo is nothing short of exceptional. The Importance of Zoo Signs: Studies have shown that a single visit to a zoo can significantly enhance biodiversity knowledge and raise awareness about conservation efforts. As both a farm and a zoo, our passion for animals and their conservation runs deep. With numerous species facing threats such as habitat loss, illegal hunting, and lack of awareness, our signs play a vital role in educating our visitors. By providing clear, memorable information, we aim to inspire compassion towards animal conservation and support for initiatives aimed at protecting these vulnerable species. What You'll Find on Our Signs: Each animal information sign features the animal's name, its Latin name, key facts including size, weight, and lifespan, as well as its native habitat. Additionally, you'll discover intriguing tidbits about the animal, ensuring a memorable and educational experience for our visitors. Future Education Initiatives at Johnsons Zoo: While some animal enclosures may not yet have signs installed due to the extensive process of gathering information and designing each one, rest assured, we're committed to completing this task promptly. With over 300 animals and 70 species, it's a labor of love to ensure each sign is informative and visually appealing. Furthermore, we're exploring opportunities to expand our educational offerings, including school visits and immersive experiences. Beyond animal education, we're passionate about sharing the rich heritage of British farming, a tradition deeply ingrained in the Johnsons family for over four generations. Through our farm shop, butchers, steakhouse, and tea room, we aim to educate visitors on the importance of farm animal welfare and its broader implications for both humans and the planet. Share Your Thoughts: At Johnsons Zoo, we strive to provide access to animals for families of all kinds and take pride in every aspect of our site. We value feedback from our visitors and would love to hear your thoughts on our new animal information signs. Have you had the chance to see them during your recent visit? Share your impressions and experiences with us in the comments below! We look forward to welcoming you to Johnsons Zoo for an enriching and memorable experience!

  • Sloth Bears are vulnerable!

    Indian Sloth Bears are currently rated as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. So, what does that mean? Currently, Indian Sloth Bears are declining in the wild, and if this trend continues, they will be at risk of extinction. But hope is not lost! We support a conservation project dedicated to researching and teaching about sloth bears. Habitat degradation does play a part in the problem, but a significant issue is human conflict. People are often attacked by Sloth Bears when they enter their territory without understanding the risks. This often leads to a bear hunt by villagers to catch and kill the bear responsible. In order to promote harmony between humans and bears, the sloth bear conservation project is educating villages about bear habitats and when it is and isn’t safe to enter the forest where the bears live. Under the guidance of the conservation project, bear education has already made a significant difference, and the hope is that if this continues, bear populations will not only stabilize but also increase. Currently, due to the vulnerability of sloth bears in the wild, breeding programs are being implemented around the world. Though we currently house two male bears at Johnsons, we feel very fortunate to be entrusted with these bears, ensuring they are happy and healthy. If you want to help the sloth bear conservation project, be sure to visit our sloth bear conservation page, or you can contact our zoo team to find out more details.

  • Would you dare feed a crocodile?

    Today marked the beginning of our 2024 animal experiences, and what a better way to kick things off than with our magnificent saltwater crocodiles? Despite their reputation as fearsome predators, our crocs seemed a bit hesitant at first, perhaps sensing the anticipation in the air from our participants. But once the feeding commenced, they swiftly glided through the water, eagerly claiming their share of the meal. Observing these powerful reptiles in action, one can't help but marvel at their stealth and precision. Their stillness before striking serves as a potent reminder of their prowess in the wild, where they can remain undetected until it's too late. Our zookeepers use subtle vibrations to catch their attention during feedings, offering a glimpse into their remarkable sensory abilities. Moving on to the American Alligators, it was evident that their appetite was equally voracious. With lighting-fast reflexes, they seized their prey with jaw-dropping speed, showcasing their formidable hunting skills. However, it's crucial to remain vigilant around these creatures, as their surprising agility can catch even seasoned keepers off guard. Overall, the day was a resounding success, with positive feedback from our visitors. As we embark on another year of unforgettable animal experiences, we encourage you to book you own adventure at Johnsons. Visit our website's animal experiences page for all the details, but hurry - spots are filling up fast!

  • From small beginnings, Johnsons built a Zoo

    Just over five years ago, the Johnsons opened a zoo. But do you know the story of why? In the heart of Cambridgeshire, Johnsons of Old Hurst was affectionately referred to as 'The Crocodile Farm'. It was a hidden gem among locals, where visitors would frequent the butchers, indulge in the delightful tea room, and catch a glimpse of the few crocodiles housed there. Initially, the crocodiles served a practical purpose, aiding in the disposal of waste meat instead of relying on a large incinerator. This innovative approach allowed for the recycling of waste products in support of a greater cause. As time went on, the crocodilian numbers grew and eventually the Johnsons were told that if they wanted to continue to house the crocodiles, they must apply for a zoo licence - and that's exactly what they did. Years on, the zoo expanded and animals continued to arrive. We now have over 300 animals calling Johnsons home! They range from reptiles to big cats to donkeys to even the sloth bear. So what does the future hold? This year holds the promise of exciting animal arrivals on the horizon, and we are hoping to continue with our zoo events for the whole family to enjoy. In response to our growing popularity, we are renewing and building extra facilities such as toilets, birthday party spaces and more, in order to keep up with demand. Looking ahead, we aim to keep you all up to date with our new zoo blog, which will not only give you updates on weekly activities but also provide a glimpse into the 'world behind the scenes' with our dedicated zoo keepers. We invite you to stay tuned and look forward to seeing you soon at Johnson Zoo. Until then, we thank you for your continued support! {photo credit - Steven (Head Zoo Keeper)}

  • Baby Goats are the cutest!!

    On Friday our zoo keepers had a wonderfully cute surprise when they went to go feed our goats... one of our female goats had a baby!! Since they thought the name fit, they decided to call this new goat Dobby and we can happily report that both mother and baby are doing very well. Even though we would love to show this little guy off, at the moment our goats are kept behind the scenes in our winter enclosure so that we can keep a close eye on them over the winter months. Are you around for Easter? Well if you are, you can come and meet Dobby yourself as we'll be moving the goats to an area where you can purchase food and feed them! How exciting!

  • A school visit to remember!

    Our first school visit of the year was a great success!! Very excited feet pitter pattered off the bus as 60 excited five year olds joined us at Johnsons zoo for a day! The morning began with introductions and then after splitting into groups we got a full informative tour of the zoo and tropical house. At lunch we had a surprise visit from one of the second largest species in the world - the Burmese Python! That got a few excited screams but we think the teachers enjoyed it most. After lunch came the classroom session and this year group were learning about animal habitats. They helped us put pictures of not only our animals but also of animals around the world into the correct habitats like lions in the savannah and polar bear in the polar regions. Finally, they got to meet and touch some of our reptiles such as Penny the royal python and Remi the red-footed tortoise. All children were very brave letting Penny slither on there hands and they all agreed in was an amazing experience. Overall I think we can say it was a day to remember! If you're part of a school and want to know about how you can visit us, then find all the information on our Zoo pages and contact us today!

  • A small introduction to Johnsons of Old Hurst and Johnsons Zoo

    Johnsons Farm has been in the Johnsons Family for over four generations with it transforming and growing from a family run diary farm to now a full blown Zoo, Farm Shop, Butchers, Tea room and Steakhouse! Over the last five years, the zoo has gone from a small Croc House to now having over 100 animals, and it's still expanding. We housed the lions in the summer of 2023 and this summer we are looking forward to welcoming another group of meerkats, otters and also bob cats, with other exciting animals hopefully joining us in the future. This spring and summer, keep up to date with our new blog posts, and via our social media, where we'll keep you informed of all the amazing changes happening this year! And don't forget to visit us in person soon!

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